Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Initial Cost Savings

No upfront costs to purchase & maintain a system! With a hosted telephone solution, the system is operated and maintained by GloucesterIT

Ongoing Cost Savings

Typically, a hosted VoIP service telephone system implementation is significantly more cost-effective over the long run than a traditional one. These ongoing savings are in addition to the initial savings on capital outlay.

Predictable Costs

With our hosted VoIP platform, your costs are predictable each and every month. No more worries about ballooning costs for voice services.

Local Presence

Hosted telephone systems allow you to get local virtual numbers in cities where you are not physically located which allows you to create a virtual presence or open a virtual office anywhere in the country.


For small businesses, a virtual system can give them instant credibility by presenting their customers with a professional sounding telephone solution. Traditional telephone systems are generally cost-prohibitive for smaller organizations.


Traditional phone systems are limited by how many users then can handle, as well as how many lines you have purchased from your local telephone provider. Virtual systems can expand and grow with your business as you need them to.

Quick & Easy Set-up

A hosted telephone solution can have you up and running very quickly, compared to a traditional telephone system.

Ease of Use

Simple telephones with intuitive interfaces mean your employees can be productive phone users without a lot of new training.

Geographic Flexibility

Employees can work from anywhere when your office phone system is virtual. You can have employees working from home, other offices, and even mobile phones.

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